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Arnulf Koegler of AK Training For Horses And People

Arnulf Koegler has lived in both Germany and Canada over the years and has recently relocated back to Canada in 2019. He has competed or coached clients in over 500 horse shows in Canada, the United States, Austria and Germany some of whom have won National Austrian (AWA) and German (EWU) championship titles.

For Arnulf the well being of the horse is first and foremost. He considers every horse as an individual. In consequence for Arnulf there is no universal concept to work with horses. One of his most important messages to us riders is that you have to feel where the horse is at based on it’s training level, psychological and physiological state. This may vary from day to day - same as it is for us humans, we have good days and better days.

To achieve this, Arnulf's work with the horse and the rider is based on a strong foundation of ‘Natural Horsemanship’. Arnulf’s message is guided by examples of the past and present. Amongst those who influenced his thinking and work are: Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Jeff Sanders, Les Vogt and Buck Brannaman. However do not make the mistake and think that he is ‘want to be clone’ of this or that trainer or horseman. He has his own clear message to share.

During his clinics Arnulf likes to emphasize that a horse is a horse regardless of the breed. One of his primary messages is that a horse learns from every contact with us humans, both positive and negative. It doesn't know when it's being trained.

All training exercises, both on the ground and under the saddle, strive for one goal: to create a harmony between horse and man. This may be achieved by the well-known and much aspired to ‘timing’, ‘balance’ and ‘feel’.

Arnulf highly values a solid basic training foundation of the horse and that the horse itself willingly and readily accepts the rider’s aids. His training and horse philosophy has in the past attracted a broad spectrum of riders and horse enthusiasts to seek out his advice and coaching. He has not only successfully worked with Western Show riders, Western recreational riders, but also Hunter-Jumpers and Dressage riders. In 2019 he worked with a qualified FN Trainer (Level A) and active FN judge and her Warmblood horse.

Arnulf would describe himself as an unusual mixture of the traditional Horse Show World, Natural Horsemanship and the old California Vaquero style of riding and training a horse. He considers himself as a lifelong student of the horse and man and the relationship between the two.

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