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Come join Arnulf in one of his clinics and improve your skills and connection with your horse while making new human connections in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The full day clinics offer group session groundwork and riding with time allotted for individual riding sessions to reinforce what you have learned and  how to engage with your horse.


Arnulf prefers to teach people on their own horse. In the lessons, he always focus on the horse first and then on the person. He tries to improve the horse's behavior and movement sequences and then bring people into harmony with their horses, either on the ground or on horseback.

He offers the following courses regularly or at your facility:

  • groundwork

  • Horsemanship (ridden)

  • ranch riding

  • Show preparation


Horse Training

Arnulf has many years of experience in training and breaking in young horses until they are successfully presented at shows. When training and riding, he focuses on the needs of the horse and not on people's ideas. Depending on the horse's physical ability and mental receptivity, the training lasts between four and six days a week.

Good behavior and handling of the horse is essential for him. This starts with the simplest things, such as leading the horse properly to safe loading. Arnulf attaches great importance to a well-behaved horse, so that man and horse can become reliable partners.

Of course, his riding horses go out to pasture for several hours every day.

Equestrian Facility
Management Consult

Contact Arnulf today to discuss the layout of a new equestrian facility/private facility or farm, manage an existing property, optimizing pasture management, stable hand/employee structure and horse feeding practices, as well as addressing safety concerns.

Animal brown horse

Horse Purchasing

Let Arnulf's knowledge and experience assist you in your horse purchase.

Assistance with horse purchasing may involve supporting a new owner to envision their future with horses, and their particular needs in a horse or horses, then traveling to a seller's locaton with the buyer to assess prospective horses - evaluating conformation, soundness and training. 


Characteristics of both human and horse such as disposition and prior life experience/training, conformation and athletic ability, health and soundness, are all key elements in building a safe, lasting and satisfying partnership between you and your horse. 



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Kathy J.

Arnulf starts from the ground and works up into the saddle. I signed up for the first clinic with my young gelding who wanted to charge into th elope and by the end of the clinic we were much more confident at all the gaits!


Because we grew so much in the first clinc I signed up for the second and again my gelding and I grew our confidence in each other both on the ground and in the saddle.


To this day I continue to use the cones for practicing various patterns and his transition into the lope gets smoother every time. I will most definitely be signing up for more clintcs in 2022!!

Sheila N.

I have been riding my entire life and know I still have much to learn.

Arnulf's clinic highlighted some holes in my riding and in my horse...I truly enjoyed his demeanor and training style. I knew from the second he started instruction that he "spoke my language"


I would recommend Arnulf to anyone sho desires a better relationship with their horse, a deeper understanding of horses and just generally to anyone with a horse - we all have something to learn! This clinic was just the beginning I have plans to work with Arnulf many more time in the future!

Anne B.

Arnulf provides solid guidance to improve the horse/rider relationship.


He has lots of ways to achieve a soft feel adn tools to retain it. He also comes up with a variety of exercises during lesson to keep both the horse and the rider engaged.

Brenda P.

Arnulf offers a common sense approach to horsemanship. He is calm and confident and the horses very quickly respond to him.


The change he has made to my medium to high spirited gelding is amazing. Your horse will thrive and progress. He is a great coach sho sees all teh little things and helps you to get the most out of yourself and the horse!

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